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Alps Prosthetic Ointment, 4 oz

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ALPS Prosthetic Ointment Details
ALPS Prosthetic Ointment is a vitamin A and D formulation that
soothes and protects the skin on your amputated leg. It may be used
nightly after the prosthesis has been removed or during the day under
a silicone prosthetic device. Alps Prosthetic Ointment reduces shear
forces between a silicone liner and your skin. This ointment can be
applied at the top edge of the liner, fibular heads, knee caps, or
condyles if necessary.

Recommended for use with: Silicone - Clearpro
Not recommended for use with Gel (thermoplastic) - Easyliner as it may deteriorate Gel over time

Available in one 4 oz. tube. Sold each, (12/case)

Chafing Treatment - The general treatment for chafing is to treat the area by washing with a prosthetic cleanser and cool to luke warm water. Then apply Alps Prosthetic Ointment and cover with a bandaid or sterile guaze. This
works well and most amputees prefer the A and D ingredients in Alps Prosthetic Ointment. (Yes, the diaper rash
ointment!) It relieves pain and itch, promotes healing, and keeps the area lubricated so you can continue walking
without discomfort. After this product was recommended to some fellow amputees it soon became known as "Magic
Ointment" it works so well.

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